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Keyword Research
Keyword Research

We deliver Keyword Research services to help our clients identify the correct search engine Keywords to use for their SEO.

Google local listing
Google Map Listing

We offer Google Map Listing services to help our clients list their business on Google maps to optimise their SEO results.

On Page Optimisation
On Site SEO

We deliver On Site SEO services to our clients to help deliver the best results from their website and marketing strategies.

off site optimisation
Off Page SEO

We deliver Off Page SEO services to our clients to further boost their websites ranking position on Google.

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Because we cannot help every business that requests our services (even though we would like to), we have specific requirements to be met to qualify as our client and to be able to work with our team. This instills confidence and trust in both parties to assist working together harmoniously to achieve the best possible outcome. We are 100% transparent in our dealings with clients. If we cannot assist or deliver a particular service or result to you, we will be upfront at all times. We also offer all of our clients a 100% money back guarantee on our services for their peace of mind.

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We offer a variety of one off service gigs for your online business needs.

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What Is Google Snack Pack?

Google Snack Pack is also known as Google Map Listing.
It is the top 3 local business listings that organically appears at the top of your Google search results.

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What Is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO is one of the most important search engine optimisation practices that helps to rank websites higher in Googles search results.
It refers to items embedded and displayed on a website such as the url, meta title, content, page loading speed, user experience and many other integrated elements.

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What Is Off Page SEO?

Off Page SEO involves the generation of online activity outside of a website to help boost the websites ranking position on Google.
It is a method used to build relevancy, trust and authority to a domain.
A common industry term for this is called link building.

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Below are some of the frequently asked questions about our SEO and digital marketing services. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for please reach out to our customer care by calling 1300 386 161 

Don't Waste Your Money On SEO!

Things You Must Do Before Investing Any Money On SEO

Define Your Target Audience

Defining your “target” audience is an important step that many businesses skip, rendering all their marketing efforts (and dollars) wasted. Everything from your business image, tone and marketing strategies must be generated around your target audience. All forms of your business communications should identify and connect with your target audience. Once you know who your target audience is you will discover the ways to optimise your marketing strategies by placing yourself in the mind set of your customer, to brainstorm the best solutions in delivering your services to them. 

Establish Your Brand Identity

Your branding is the face of your business, making it one the best marketing tools you can posses to gain brand awareness, recognition and reputation. Branding is so much more than the aesthetics. The most successful companies in the world know the importance of the design psychology behind their company image and branding. Your business image and tone should connect directly to your target audience, to engage and create a solid understanding of what your business provides. Your business image must inspire confidence and trust in your customers, thus assuring them that your company can provide them with a high quality service. Optimise your business branding with a simple and timeless style that it is transferrable across multiple platforms, and does not become outdated. 

content creation
Generate High Quality Content

Content that converts strangers into customers is the objective here. Your online content should be relevant, engaging and informative to your audience, and also offer high value. Keeping up to date by delivering the latest types of high converting media will also help to maintain lead generation, and set you apart from your competitors. 

professional looking website
Develop A Professional Website

Your website represents your business image and tone. Once you have established high quality branding and started building your online business presence, you should maintain that image the same way you would keep your business shop clean and tidy for your customers. Congruency in branding across all platforms will help your viewers to identify your business easily and to avoid confusion. Unlike a business shop that has foot traffic, there are no staff ready to greet and direct your customers through their website visit. That is why you must ensure that your website communicates clearly to your customers, so that they can easily receive the information and solutions they are looking for. 

user experience
Optimise The User Experience

A high converting website is designed around the user experience. Many business owners create websites based around their own personal preferences (in regards to content and design) forgetting that they are not buying from themselves. Your business website should be designed around what your customer requires. Try to put yourself in your customers frame of mind. Think of the possible problems they are wanting to solve through your company, then deliver a simple and effective navigation to the solution. 

Foolproof Your Navigation

Your online prospects are looking for something. By the time they land on your website, they should be able to find the information and solutions they are seeking within seconds. Irrelevant content, complicated designs, large images that take too long to load and too much copy (writing) are some of the things that can divert your customers from getting to their end result (or even giving up entirely). Websites that are difficult to navigate, results in frustrated customers leaving your website to seek solutions else where. Therefore you must create a user experience that is easy to navigate, to increase your websites conversion.

call to action
Effective Call To Action

Some of your online prospects will already know what they want and will want to reach out to your business straight away. So many businesses forget to apply “call to action” in the right places on their websites (and some forgetting altogether). Correct placement of “call to action” on your business website will help to increase conversions and optimise the user experience.

mobile friendly
Get Mobile Friendly

Did you know that Google ranks websites higher in favour to mobile friendly sites? By having a mobile responsive website you are expanding your reach to the hundreds of thousands of people who are shopping online from their phones every day. Mobile shopping isn’t a phase, the figures and statistics of customers who are buying from their mobile phones is already high and increasing every day. Your industry competitors have most likely already optimised to a mobile responsive website to keep up to date with the industry standards. By providing your customers with a mobile responsive website you will be heightening the user experience and potentially increasing your online conversion.