November 16, 2015

What Is Rank Brain?

rank brain

Everything You Need to Know about Google’s RankBrain

The recent news from Google’s desk is that their most advanced signal named ‘RankBrain’ will help deliver search results in a more logical way. It is an artificial intelligence rollout system, which is customized by the world’s biggest and most popular search engine that delivers almost three billion search results daily. Understanding this new release is especially crucial for search engine marketers and SEO optimisers as it will affect the way Google ranks a particular website.

RankBrain overview:

More details are yet to come about this mighty technology. For the time being, here’s what we know:

• RankBrain may be a vital part of the Google’s latest search algorithm named ‘Hummingbird’.
• RankBrain is the third top most signal which Google uses for web page ranking (there are now nearly 200 Google ranking primary signals and about 10000+ sub-signals).
• RankBrain will be highly efficient in interpreting and translating the most complex multiword queries.

It is said that this machine-learning algorithm can be understood primarily as a simple computer program that can self-learn how to develop and change itself when exposed to diverse and strange data. Explaining in simpler terms, if RankBrain sees a particular word or word string as a search term which is new, it will automatically be able to logically guess the words or phrases of similar meaning and arrange the results accordingly. As per the SEO Experts in Gold Coast, who are working on this concept, RankBrain must be a much better solution in translating the broader concepts over strategic content.

Statistics show that about 15% of daily searches are unique. So, it is clear that RankBrain will be playing a vital role in providing more personalized search results. It is also reported that during its testing, RankBrain had outperformed the Google’s human search engineers in terms of accuracy by about 10 percent! As far as searching engine optimization is concerned, users will start feeling the RankBrain impact immediately. However, the online marketers and SEO specialists would need to dig deep in order to figure out how they can use this new update to their advantage.

With RankBrain, it is assumed that the focus of SEO will need to be shifted more to the fast-loading and well-designed quality pages with best experience to users. The necessity for good content marketing will also be at all time high. No doubt it will wash out all the black-hat SEO practices and may reward the fair SEO marketers for their efforts.

Let’s get to know RankBrain in detail

Since the news released about Google’s RankBrain, experts are in awe to see how this is going to work, and how it may fit into the overall ranking system.

What exactly is Rank Brain?

As confirmed by the maker, RankBrain is the name coined by Google for its artificial intelligence system with machine-learning capabilities as part of their continuous efforts to refine its search engine mechanism. For those who are confused about what machine learning is, this is basically a system where a computer or software teaches itself to execute something in a logical manner, which is different from the human training through detailed programming.

Machine learning is an invention alongside the advancement in artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence refers to the capability of a computer to be as smart as a human, at least in acquiring knowledge from what is being taught, and then building on what it knows by making logical connections. You may have read about superhuman possibilities of AI in science fiction novels and movies where artificial intelligence grows to the level of controlling or eliminating human. However, in real practice, artificial intelligence ideally refers to computer systems, which are custom designed for self-learning and making connections to better perform in various tasks.

In case of RankBrain, as it may be one of the most common term tech world is going to hear in near future, you may get confused with the terms as AI and machine learning used interchangeably. However, you need to simply understand it in a way that machine learning is a term used to describe a particular artificial intelligence approach. Further, we will try answering some specific questions about RankBrain.

Is RankBrain a new algorithm for Google’s search results?

Absolutely not! Rather, we can say RankBrain is just a part of Google’s search engine algorithm. It is a basically a computer program, which will help to sort billions of pages it is familiar with and find the most relevant results. The existing search algorithm of Google, which consists of RankBrain, is called Hummingbird. In fact, this algorithm hasn’t had a name for many years. But, back in the second quarter of 2013, Google reconditioned it and named this algorithm as Hummingbird.

To avoid confusion among Hummingbird and RankBrain, you can take it this way that Hummingbird is a car which consists of an engine. The engine further may have various parts like fuel pump, oil filter, radiator etc. You can now imagine RankBrain as one latest functional part added to the engine of Hummingbird. As just a part, RankBrain will not handle all comprehensive Google searches, but it will work alongside Hummingbird.

What Rank Brain may do?

It is assumed that RankBrain may mainly be used to interpret the search terms or strings people submit to Google to find pages which may not have the exact match, but similar to what they have searched for. Google already has this capability to find pages beyond the exact search phrase for long, but with shortfalls when strange key strings are searched for. Now, it is said that the machine learning capabilities of RankBrain will put forth more acceptable solutions in this regard.

Is Rank Brain the third most important signal?

There are hundreds of signals in Google, which go into an algorithm determining what results need to appear in the search result, and how they need to be ranked. Now RankBrain has come into the picture as one of these hundreds of signals, and just in a few months after deployment, it has managed to climb up to the third position among the most important signals of Google. Now the key question you may ask would be “which are the first two important signals?” Google has never disclosed it with the possibility of them being beaten by the smartest web result manipulators.

We too are awaiting more amazing news and reviews of RankBrain to bring more information to you in the forthcoming articles. Until then, let’s chase Google and see what is cooking!

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