Website Design & Development

We are creating websites that provide the best possible experience for you and your audiences. Your website should be a key tool for generating quality leads for your business. Imaging what happen if your potential clients can’t find what they are looking for? They will just leave your site within a minute.

Our web design team is experienced and skilled who always puts your business first. Your website should be able to engage and entice your customers to buy from you instead of your competition. ADEL SEO develops websites that sells.

We make sure that your website translates properly on all types of mobile devices. Google releases an algorithm that makes it very difficult for sites that aren’t mobile responsive to rank highly on their search results.

Website Design & Development

User Friendly Websites

There is a real engineer behind our web development process, it is not just about good looks. We put into consideration that how your website interacts with your audiences and design the call to actions to achieve your financial goals.


As everyone knows that Google is the King of search engine. So we make sure your websites are SEO friendly. We design the website that Google love.

There are 6 Phases Of The Web Design & Development Process


Our team will make contact with you to help gathering all the necessary information for our planning, designing and development phase.


Our team will do the market research on your industry and come out with the sound plan for your website.


Our team will start looking for the best design and structure to use for your website.


Our team will start putting everything together and develop an amazing website for your business.


Our team will do the final testing to ensure the website is functioning properly before delivery.


Our team can offer you site maintenance to keep your site always performing at the optimal level.

In this current competitive local and global online arena, it is vital to choose a web design company that understands all facets of a successful online presence and designs websites that reflect the overall strategy while understanding the important technical specifications and marketing needs of the client.

We help identify the best ways to obtain the highest exposure on the Internet for our clients by presenting the best possible online image to potential customers. Our designers also understand the importance of the user online experience and how to best make a website engaging to the customers. We employ the latest site technologies as well as social media integration to not only create a great online experience for the customer, but also virally promote the website to others.

Our website development team uses the most powerful content management system (CMS) in the World today: WordPress. WordPress has become the de-facto standard platform for powerful and diverse websites. In the simplest terms, WordPress is a website platform that accommodates creating, publishing, distributing, organising and the management of online content. Depending on the needs of our client, the CMS can be designed for use by a highly technical webmaster or can be simple and intuitive for use by an untechnical website administrator.

A mobile responsive website is a website that properly adapts to the device of each unique visitor no matter what type of device they are using. A responsive website dynamically resizes the site text content, images, video, and other content to adapt to the variety of screen sizes and palettes in order to ensure the website is aesthetically pleasing and well as functional on any device.

As part of our development process, we understand your digital goals and marketing plans to see how search engine optimisation (SEO) fits in. Since SEO is so dependent on strong site content, we also provide very effective copywriting that supports these search ranking goals. Search engine optimisation is a perpetual process and we continually optimise your website as needed and as the Google ranking methods change.