July 30, 2015

Top 5 SEO Tips For Small Business

seo tips for small business

Certainly, when you use the SEO tips that I mentioned here for your webpage’s then you can activate traffic to your site, progress your page ranking, and will also helps you become renown to the internet world. Then how does this methodology work? What magic is involved in getting your website viewed by millions of internet users? Honestly, there is no magic here, it’s only persistent adherence to the terms and conditions put in place by the search engines to provide their users with relevant results of a search. In this article I will be sharing the top 5 SEO tips that will provide the boost that your business needs.

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation and is a set of methods to assist your website rank high for specific search terms. SEO has a high potential of making your internet business grow faster and SEO tips enables your site to be more competent and provides you with optimal position in all search engines. Without SEO no one would be able to find relevant sites without the knowledge of how to get them. Primarily your website should have Quality Content, Social signals, Natural links, Anchor Text Variation and Guest blogging

Tip #1 Natural Linking

Natural Linking will always remain an important basic thing to SEO, hence needs to be highly considered. Therefore, you need to build your website authority continuously by sourcing quality and relevant back links. Have quality links for your website using paid advertising, article marketing, blogging and many other methods which are acceptable by the search engines. Link building can also be achieved by posting on niche related forums with do follow sig links. Link exchanges with high page rank site can also be done though it should be minimal. The value of a link is highly improved if it’s contained in a page with content relevant to your service, product or website. Always place a link inside the content of a page. Currently, footer links have lost their value and thus no more effective.

Tip #2 Anchor Text Variation

Ensure you always strive to make your anchor text seem natural. Using same anchor text that has your keywords every time will lead to your links being penalized by the search engines. Remember, search engines and to be specific, Google gives an insane amount of weight to the anchor texts in links. Its highly recommended that your variation should be around 5 varying anchor texts so that it doesn’t look spammy i.e. people adding links to your site if they are interested, cannot result with everyone selecting the same anchors hence your article will be natural. With different anchor texts for your keywords then you will improve your keyword density and preventing keyword stuffing. For example: If you have your keyword phrase like “Loving an introvert”, then try to find out different variations throughout your article such as “Guide on Loving an introvert, or “ best tips of loving an introvert”. Make sure you keep your keywords as close as possible. Do not over optimize!

Tip #3 Getting Social Signal

Apart from the panda updates and penguin, Social media is also of great importance in SEO. Always ensure that there are social sharing buttons on your webpage’s. Additionally, you need to create strong social accounts on various social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and keep posting on these accounts as well as on your blog. Be cautious when doing this, so as to build a strong fans and followers base. For example: In Facebook, you just need to create a business page which is open to everyone, personal profiles should not count. Nowadays, social signals are becoming so powerful in SEO.

Tip #4 Quality Content

Apparently, the phrase “Content is the King” finds its meaning in SEO. Credit goes to the Hummingbird algorithm update; the search engines are now brilliant which means relevant, quality and important content is seemingly the only way forward. Whatever piece you come up with, try to make it unique with high quality and engaging in order to pursue your SEO success. Quality content as before is still the king even after panda and penguin updates. It might really take time to research and write quality content, but it can surely provide results in search engines. With quality contents the users’ gain experience and also engages them in your site.

Tip #5 Do quality Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is among the off-page activities that need to be considered. It’s a great way of earning high quality links on content enriched page. You write for other people blogs and create some interesting content for them. Then in return they should do a favor for you i.e. allow you to publish some links to your site/blog. Guest blogging also provides a unique authority to advertise your-self. The owner of a different blog allows your content to be published in his or her site. This means you will be showcased and exposed to her/his audience.

Finally, I hope you do enjoy the SEO tips discussed above and can help you realize a better search engine page ranking. However, these are just the top 5 SEO tips and there are still many factors to take into consideration. Take a research on other tips that can add more meaning to your website; hence raise your ranking more. However, if you don’t intend to do your own SEO and thinking it is just too complicated  for you then you may want to speack to us. We are happy to provide you with our top notch SEO services. All you need to do is to call us on 0413 966 913.

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