November 20, 2016

Tips for Last Minute SEO Optimisation for the Holiday Season

Last minutes seo for holiday

With the holiday season round the corner, just about five weeks remaining; it is high time to give the last minute push to your SEO strategy for the holiday season. It is already late and if you are not on your toes yet, you could well miss the bus. The holiday season holds very good business prospects and you need to have your holiday SEO strategy in place to gain the extra mileage for your business.  Remember that you have just too little time to think and implement strategies that work. However, it is never too late, provided you have the will to give it your very best.

Holidays and business

As you are practicing SEO, it is implied you have a long term strategy in place. And hopefully, you must be getting results from it. Then why should you have a holiday strategy again? Holidays impact business because searcher behaviour changes during holidays. Search patterns during holidays are focused around the holiday mood and celebrations. The search queries are directed more towards holiday related items. Therefore, businesses that target additional customers in the holiday season have to develop a holiday oriented SEO strategy to cast their net far and wide in the holiday season.

Preparing for holiday SEO strategy

Strategy development takes time to plan and since holidays are known in advance it is ideal to develop the holiday SEO strategy well ahead of time. This would ensure that the strategy is sound and can be implemented correctly. However, the ground realities are often different from the ideal scenario. Chances are that despite knowing the right way to do it, you are perhaps just not able to do it before. Now that time is running out, you still have something to do that can help to recoup some lost ground. Even if it is not the right time for some high impacting strategies, you can still hope to gain something rather than getting nothing at all. How to put in place some quick-win strategies have been discussed in this article.

Focus on short term gains

Some SEO strategies like link building that propels websites towards high rankings take time to give results. As time is a constraint now, the focus has to shift to some strategies that can give quick gains. One thing has to be clear – as you are doing it late you have to be ready to accept small gains. With that in mind, you have to work out ways to devise strategies that give the kind of results that you expect. It is not the time to be too ambitious but to ensure that you do not miss out on the opportunity of holiday business.

Optimise titles and descriptions

Since you have too little time to do too many things, it is advisable to focus on areas that can be improved with least time and effort. To make it work, go back to the basics and turn towards titles and descriptions.  It is well known that titles and descriptions have considerable impact on click through rates. Pay attention to both to ensure that these are properly optimised for SEO. Keywords should be craftily placed in titles and descriptions, without being too pronounced yet making it appealing to searchers that eventually brings them on the page. Titles and descriptions should be written in such a way that it provides the hint for leading towards the solution that searchers are seeking.

Being found on Google My Business

Managing your online presence by utilising the powers of Google My Business is critical especially during this late phase of capturing holiday business opportunities. Firstly make sure that you are there on the page and then ensure proper optimisation of data. For local SEO, this can take you ahead a few miles, regardless the kind of business you have. Being there re-assures Google about your physical presence as a business entity as your location is verified. It adds legitimacy to your existence that counts a lot to Google.  A search for your brand will draw more attention towards your business as information is gathered from Knowledge Graph derived from your listing on Google My Business.

Focus on lower rung keywords

You have only five weeks in hand and maximum impact in minimum time should be your motto during keyword research. Again maximum impact does not mean the biggest traffic but the optimal traffic that the keywords are able to attract according to its capabilities. Instead of losing out in competing for  high bracket keywords and phrases, get something out of the ones that are placed lower, have less competition  yet have the potential  of driving traffic to some extent. After all, you stand to gain at least something rather than losing out completely. It can motivate you to prepare better for the next year.

Riding piggy back

This can be an interesting strategy as you ride piggy back on some other sites that have good ranking in Google searches to gain the advantage of being found there. So, you are not targeting good ranks in Google searches but on some other website like Yelp as that site is better placed to earn better rank in Google searches.  As Yelp ranks well in Google searches if you rank well on Yelp, you are likely to be easily found out by searchers who bank on Yelp. It is also not hard to appear high on the Yelp listing with proper optimisation.

Optimise content

 Scrutinise your content carefully and ensure that no opportunity of optimisation is missed out. Go through each and every page and make sure that the target keywords that have the potential to push you ahead in this short time are properly incorporated in the content. To improve your current ranking, pick up keywords and phrases that rank low on the first page or high on the second page of search results. These can drive you ahead in attaining positions that are more likely to be clicked.

Expect as much returns as you should from the last ditch efforts and be better prepared next time for getting more returns from holiday SEO strategy.

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