February 9, 2016

Take Link Building to an All New Level in 2016

link building 2016

January is over, and we are in the second week of February already. Time is running fast. Is your link building team moving forward accordingly? Business owners, SEO experts and search marketers know the importance of link building, and it comes as no surprise that it will remain a crucial aspect of search engine optimisation this year too. In fact, more than ever before, link builders should try to get relevant links from human-curated websites. These links must make sense to users. Moreover, your outreach and content must be top-notch!

You may already be familiar with these points, and you may have worked on it in 2015 as well. If you had produced high quality content last year, chances are good that you earned lots of links from it and built useful relationships with outreach. But your efforts should not end there. You won’t be able to reap the benefits of last year’s hard work for much longer. So, you should try and keep the momentum going even in 2016. How would you do that? Here you will find the most important links that you should be building this year to give your link building efforts a major boost:

Local linkable assets:

In today’s SEO landscape, the best links come from great content. You don’t necessarily need an award winning writer or a world class designer to earn these links. And it especially holds true for those with excellent outreach skills. What you will need is research. It is also important to apply your expertise in the right areas. First of all, you need to focus on building content that is associated with local search. The more links you can gather from sites that relate to your city, town, state or county, the better it will be for you. Even if it is not related to your specific industry, it would still be useful as long as it relates to your physical location.

Industry linkable assets:

Once you have created a local linkable asset, you should move on to building a similar linkable asset, which will be related to your industry. Various industry-related sites and local sites are good sources of high quality relevant links. You can also try investing in contents that are useful in your niche. For example, if there are common industry related questions that customers or new employees ask, you answer these questions from your perspective. You can even incorporate your stories and experience into it to give it a more personal touch. Adding illustrations, images and videos will make the content even more popular.

Whenever you create new industry related content with the objective of creating linkable asset, you should make sure that the content you produce is useful to the audience. Potential customers should feel informed after reading it. Most importantly, you would need to make sure that the content isn’t too drab or dull. It should be lively and engaging so that the reader goes through the entire length of the write-up.


You may have seen plenty of industry-expert, link-bait roundup posts all over the Internet. Although these types of contents work to a certain degree, you can always reach for something better. While most generic contents will feature interviews from people who are involved in the same industry, you should focus on getting interviews from people who are not only popular, but are also loved by your target audience. You may feel that famous people don’t have time to give interviews. Well, you would be surprised to find the mighty power of a polite invitation! You can contact the individual’s PR person, and let them know their value. Once you post the interview on your website, don’t forget to do some outreach to ask people to share the content.

Neighbourhood links:

This concept is a lot similar to that of the local linkable asset. However, when it comes to neighbourhood links, you probably won’t require a large amount of additional content. With a little bit of research, you will find tons of state, county, city and neighbourhood specific sites that may link to you simply because you are a part of their community. For a better outcome, you may offer coupons and discounts on your products or services. You can even consider forming a partnership with some of these sites. Building such relationships will go a long way as far as link building is concerned.

Customer spotlight:

This strategy is rather simple. However, it is one of the smartest and most effective ones that you can find. This will require some homework first. You would need to bring out your customer records and make a list of some of the favourite repeat customers. Few of those customers may have their own websites that are either prominent in the industry or in the community. Once you find such customers, you would have to get in touch with them via email or phone call. Tell them that you are interested in doing a customer spotlight with them, and that this is your way of giving back to their loyalty and to the community. You can interview them, and in the process ask them about their life and business. You can also ask them about how they feel about your products or services.

The customer spotlight strategy is basically a win-win for both parties. Your customers will be happy that you honoured them with the limelight, and you will benefit from the exposure they will provide you through their website or even a significant social media following. Since they will be part of the content, your customers will gladly share the content around, carrying out part of the outreach themselves!

So, if you are serious about taking your link building game to the next level, try the strategies mentioned above. Link building does not have to be cut and dry. You can always think outside the box, and come up with innovative ideas that will help you gain maximum exposure. Get started today!

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