September 18, 2016

Red Signals for Clients to Wave Goodbye to Link Providers and Vice Versa

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In the highly competitive online platform, most of the businesses now prefer to outsource their link building requirements. Everyone knows the importance of quality links, but don’t have the time to sit back and execute this tedious process.

Before diving into the industry, you need to know about link building services, SEOs, marketers, and the popular industry practices. You should have a clear understanding about what to look for in maintaining a good client relationship, and also should know about the deliverable to ensure the best results.

The service takers should keep an eye on a few indicators to identify wrongful practices to immediately cut the relation off. On the other hand, the link builders need to work to ensure best benefits to the clients, but also should take good care while dealing with clients to keep up their repute and business interests. Here are some major red signals that both clients and service providers should know about:

Red flags to clients

1. Lack of transparency

– This still happens and it is the most critical red flag you have to be vigilant about as the link team is not transparent about what they are doing. Whatever they are doing in terms of link building, you should be aware of it as the risk ultimately affects you and your business directly. Not just in link building, this rule applies to everything you do in terms of SEO.

2. No timely reporting

– Service provider should maintain a proper and open communication channel, and it is a red signal if they don’t report the new links they are building for you. Ensure that they report all the links on a weekly or at least monthly basis. If the link-building team is not keen on properly reporting this, it either means they are not keeping up with the building process or they are hiding something.

3. Not keen on listening to you

– It is a high time to quit if they are not willing to listen to your feedback about the new links they create. After all, who knows your business better than yourself? You may be able to let it pass by if it is a single instance, but on being chronic, it is a clear-cut red signal to think of alternate ways.

4. No returns

– Another thing you need to closely keep track of is the ROI based on the link team’s effort. If they are not generating any positive ROI overtime with link building efforts, you have to dig into the reasons why as if it is their inexpertness or some other things coming in between. If no results along with their sloppy approach as not coming to you with any questions or suggestion, you can be sure of their inefficiency.

5. Open communication

– Not just about the benefits they can bring to you, a professional link builder will also talk about the risks involved in the process. If you ask them about guaranteed results, a genuine link provider will say no. If someone tells you that results are 100-percent guaranteed or that it is totally risk free, which may sound too good to be true, it is better to stay away. Beware if the provider is trying to tie you up to a stringent and lengthy contract with a lot of restrictions on you.

Alert signals for link builders about clients

1. Response rate is negligible

– Link builders need to have a close look on the data about the response rate of various campaigns. On finding the response rates negligible even after link building efforts for quite some time, you should realise that you are wasting time which could have been reinvested in some better jobs, and you shouldn’t wait more to call the client off.

2. Only responses, but not links

– It is also an alert signal if you get responses, but no links. Here, the problem is not due to the outreach of the campaign, but may be due to wrong targeting. It can be so if the client’s site is not really link-worthy for various reasons.

3. Bad repute of the client

– Sometimes, you may find out rude things about the clients or sites from the webmasters. It may be the bad repute of the client’s business, site being horrible, or the downsides of the industry. Whatever the case is, if you happen to hear bad things only about a client, you may not be able to do a good job with them.

4. Unrealistic goals

– Work of a link builder is going to be hell if the client is ignorant and irritant about the work you are doing. If a client has unrealistic ideas and guidelines about what you do in terms of link building, you will never meet their expectations. You should say no to such deals at the first point itself on identifying this issue.

There may be instances like the clients may send you articles containing information, which may contradict with your line of work, where they are actually demanding a change in direction. If you find it is okay and agree to go ahead, there is no problem. Otherwise, speak up confidently, correct the clients if possible or quit.

5. Irate clients

– If the client keeps on complaining about each link you build without any clear reasons, the deal won’t go for long. Whoever is at fault in these, what it implies is that it will not go well for each other. A silent client is also a red signal. You have to be proactive here as clients may have other business things in mind, but if you feel like there are careless about what you do and don’t want to spare time, it is not ideal to go ahead.

ROI and better repute are the concerns on one side, whereas work satisfaction and successful long-term relations are the need for link building service providers. No matter whether you are a client taking link developing services, or a provider seeking for successful clients, relation need to work out well for the both the parties to enjoy a successful association. Proper planning, ongoing evaluation, open communication, and analytical approach are the keys to success.

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