September 21, 2015

Proven Local SEO Trick To Improve Your Online Presence

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Welcome to the age of entrepreneurship! “Start-up” has become a buzzword today purely because small businesses are growing more rapidly than ever. Although competition is fierce, strategically run businesses have the potential to make it big in almost no time! So, what makes one local business more successful than the other?

The answer is local SEO!

Yes, you heard it right. Rumour had it that there’s no real need for local SEO anymore. With the onslaught of updates, released by major search engines, namely Google, business owners were confused about whether to stick to this tactic or look for an alternative.

Truth be told, local SEO was never dead. In fact, it is evolving more and more each day. As various changes will take place in online and technology industries, local SEO will have to change and adapt as well. For years, the big guns of the business world dominated the SERPs. But the scenario changed with the advent of local SEO, and small businesses started to get their share of limelight. If you are still questioning the significance of local business SEO, here are some facts that will surely change your mind:

Google values optimised local businesses:

When the Pigeon algorithm update took place, the age-old local SEO tactics were thrown out of whack. Factors like reduced search radius and redesigned geolocation have changed the way local businesses are optimised for Google. The search engine wants to offer the users more precise and geolocalized search results. That is why businesses that are locally optimised will get an upper hand in Google ranking.

Consumers prefer personalised search results:

Today’s digitally savvy customers always check for products and services online before actually making the deal. That is why it is critical for local businesses to have high online visibility. Since Google favours businesses that offer relevant and customised information, your website will have a better chance of getting high ranking. Even if you don’t have a website, a well optimised Google Places page will help you grab customers’ attention. By optimising local based search queries, you can target the consumer base of a specified location.


Close connection between local and mobile SEO:

Researchers and marketers have found a major connection between the increase in mobile searches and local searches. Around 88% of mobile users search for local content on the web, whereas for desktop users, it is only 84%. The reason may be that consumers often look for local products and services on the go. That is why location specified searches are likely to increase since mobile devices offer more geographically relevant results.

Local search translates into leads:

Google Think recently revealed that roughly 34% of desktop users and 50% of mobile users visit the physical store after performing a local search. Consumers are most likely to take such action if the business information posted online offers what they are looking for. By giving easy access to the exact address of the store, you can make it easier for your customers to reach you.

Through local optimisation, Google has offered small to medium sized businesses a real opportunity of reaching more consumers. Tools like Webmaster, Analytics, and various others give you the chance to increase your business’s online visibility. Make use of it to climb up the ladder of success!

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