July 19, 2016

New Pokemon Go Gameplay 2016 Has Taken The World

pokemon go

Pokèmon Go has taken the world by storm after it was released in July 2016 by a game developer Niantic and published by The Pokèmon Company. Basically, the game allows the players to hunt, capture, battle and train virtual creatures, called Pokèmon, who appears on a mobile device’s screen. Within just two days of release, this popular app was installed on more than 5% of all the Android phones in US. It took five hours for it to climb to number one on the download charts, almost twice as fast as the previous titleholder.

Another mind-boggling about this app is it has now surpassed the number of active users on social networking sites such as the popular dating app, Tinder; Snapchat, Instagram and even Facebook. Also in the first week, it was ahead of the social giant Twitter in terms of daily users. With its new features continue rolling out, its popularity likely keeps on exploding for some time.

But, recently, Pokèmon players got furious as servers appear to go down, not just once but for the second time. The company’s servers went down after it was targeted by a hacker group even though the game developer refused to confirm or deny that the attack took place. Worldwide trainers and fans found themselves unable to catch any Pokèmon due to the game freezing or not letting users to log in.

Frustrated users branded the app “unacceptable” after they met with the status message “failed login”. Pokèmon Go News, an official Twitter account for the app said that they were able resolve the issues several hours later and was already resolved for Android and iOS phones. Still, others voiced out their frustrations through social media about the app.

One player said on Twitter: ‘omg I took my day off to go out  and find Pokemons but the server was gone.’ Another indignant fan tweeted: ‘@PokemonGo News why would you release it in 26 countries if you already can’t take care of the server issues?’

‘Server situation in #PokemonGo is getting the point of me not wanting to play anymore. Unacceptable! @NianticLabs,’ lamented by one user.

One thing is clear from what we learned so far, social media can have a great impact on any business whether it is for good or for bad. In short, it can either make or break your business. One proof of this was the latest research conducted by Nielsen Company, they found out that 61% of social media users share their company experiences to “give recognition for a job well done.” In other words, social networkers act as an ambassador and advocates for your brands in social media. They can also act as “punisher” by giving bad reviews and experiences. These, in turn, spread to their fans and followers and can give a bad impression on your product or services as it gives a warning not to try or patronize a service, game, business or app.

Social sharing directly increases the visibility of a page. That increased visibility means it may get noticed by a creator of content, such as a blogger, journalist, or author. That creator may mention it in a subsequent piece of content. If they linked to it, that page is then more likely to rank.

Also, it increases you brand recognition. For example, imagine a frequent Twitter user heard about your company for the first time after stumbling upon it in a newsfeed. Or a hesitant customer might become better acquainted with your brand or services by your presence on multiple social networking sites.

Here is another example – every blog, video or comment you share has a chance for someone to react and could lead to a site visit and eventually to conversion. Then, a follower may see the comment and  again could lead to another site visit. Then, the process continues like a domino effect. Yes, even though not everyone who visits your site lead to conversion but it makes them familiar that you exist. The most important thing is you have a positive interaction with your customers and it increases the chance of an eventual conversion.

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