New Google Algorithm- Penguin 3.0

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These few days I have noticed few dancing happen on the Google Search Engine and I believe next BIG Google searh engine Updates will be rolling out soon. I got few sites moved down few pages, few sites moved up few spots and some sites still remain stable. So I’m going to analyse few data to find out what is going on right now.

I read some of the comments on SEO Forum and some of them believing Google has slowly rolling out Google Penguin 3.0 update and Google still testing their new algorithm so it is just a beta version at the time I’m writing this. Once Google has confirmed on their new algo with the current testing results then new update will be officially launced in sometime laters. So we can’t actually do much on our sites now and we still don’t know what exactly is going on right now until some SEO experts have come out with solid conclusion.

Anywhere, below is one of the videos I found on Youtube explaining how does Google evaluate algorithmic changes.

Here is another article you on how to avoid Google Penguin penalty.