January 12, 2016

Make Your Facebook Page Go Viral Without Paying for Ads

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Having a strong presence on social media is crucial for today’s businesses, and there’s no denying that Facebook is the social media giant that you cannot ignore. Whether you own a start up or a large firm, having a popular Facebook page gives your brand a huge boost. However, considering the rising competition among brands, creating a dominating presence on social media can be really difficult. The world’s largest and most popular social media network has become really noisy, and businesses have seen a significant fall in their organic reach on Facebook.

Given the present circumstances, a lot of companies have turned to paid advertising to reach a broader network of audience. By making this investment, businesses don’t have to worry about organic reach anymore. However, a lot of small businesses do not have the financial resources to invest paid advertising. In that case, these businesses have to strive hard to attain their place in the realm of social media. If you are in a similar position, there are smart marketing tactics that you can apply to increase your Facebook page reach without paid ads. Want to know how? Here are a few tips for you to try:

Invest in high quality content:

Instead of going out of your way, trying to allocate a budget for paid advertising, you should focus on creating interesting and engaging content and social media posts that will generate users’ attention. Users are always drawn to creative content, and they always feel compelled to share posts that speak to them. By investing in high quality content, you will be deriving desirable results. You cannot expect mediocre posts to generate organic success. People won’t “like” or “share” your posts if the content does not resonate with them.

Write informative and in-depth blogs:

A great blog can reach more people than you may have previously anticipated. An experienced marketer worth his salt will tell you that long, informative and in-depth blog posts are the way to beating your competitors. If you want to establish your brand as the industry expert, having a great blog section on your website should be your priority. Your target audience will view these blog posts as valuable resources, and they will keep coming back for more. However, in order to have that effect on the readers, the blogs must contain the following elements:

  • Links to research, studies and other helpful resources on the topic
  • Custom graphics, screen shots, and other related images
  • Embedded videos that explore the topic even further

The more extensive the blog post will be, the more valuable it will appear to the readers. With generic and mediocre content, you are a lot less likely to engage your audience. However, with such informative content, you may earn a dedicated group of readers who will spread the word about how great these blogs are.

Go for creative graphics:

If you study some of the most popular pages on Facebook, you will see that images get far more “likes” and “shares” than generic text content. The reason images appeal to the audience more is because visual content is easier to consume. When scrolling through Facebook, users don’t usually spend a lot of time in reading each post. On such fast-moving social platforms, images fare well since they are more engaging. If you have a message for your audience, combine it with a high quality image, and you will get your fair share of attention!

Try your hands on video content:

Facebook and other social media sites are putting a lot emphasis on video content lately. For example, Facebook recently released some compelling statistics about the video element. As per the report, the social media platform has received more than 1 billion video views per day since June 2014. On an average, about 50% of the users who use Facebook every day watch at least one video. On the other hand, about 76% users tend to discover the videos they watch. These statistics have made brands pay attention to video content.

Avoid the common mistakes:

You may spend hours sketching out the perfect social media strategy. But all of your efforts may go in vain because of one simple faux pas. This happens to a lot of marketers, and it is frustrating! If you don’t want a lousy mistake to wreck your reputation and leave you with a haphazard social presence, you must avoid the common social media mistakes at all cost. Some of these mistakes include:

  • Having the same strategy for different social media platforms
  • Posting at the wrong time
  • Prioritising quantity over quality
  • Ignoring the bio section
  • Failing to find a balance between posting too much and not posting enough
  • Using automated messages
  • Not proofreading status or content before posting
  • Treating social media as a megaphone

There are various other mistakes that can jeopardise your social reputation. Study your competitors and keep an eye on the mistakes they may have made in the past. You will be surprised to know how much you can learn from others’ mistakes!

Get to know your audience better:

When creating a Facebook Page for business, marketers often focus most about what content they will be posting, or what sort of blogs they will be adding, or how witty or funny they can make the page appear. What a lot of people forget is their core target audience. The factor that is more important than everything mentioned above is whether or not you know your audience. Once you are able to understand what your audience wants, you will be able to create a social media page that generates high organic reach like it is no big deal! If you are wondering how you can get to know your audience better, the next tip is for you.

Other than these tips, there is one thing that you need to remember when planning social media strategies. Remember to infuse all of your posts with your brand personality. Posting generic stuff will not get you the kind of organic reach you are expecting. If you mimic others, no one will take you seriously. Rather create a unique personality for your brand, and make sure users like it!

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