Discover Smart ways of Link Building
If you are starting a new blog or have a website which is on the initial stage of growth you need some techniques to stay in the mind of a giant search engine Google.

We all know it is not easy to make your site be seen on the first page of the search engine.

Only writing a creative or useful content will not let you stand higher in Google rankings.

You are creating a website or blog which is unique in a way but not all the fellow bloggers or the audience would be able to see your content… Reason? It is not yet active on Google pages or it is not ranked.

There are link building strategies which are resources by which you can achieve the main motive of creating a website… Millions of shares and lots of money!

What is Link Building?
When you are having a website on Google, there are certain criteria by which it decides whether your website is useful for people or not. When most of the people will visit your website that means it has quality content and will get authorised by Google.

Google is in search of quality backlinks on your website. If you are taking links from some of the top search websites and your content is similar to that particular website that means you have high-quality links.

Link building is a difficult task. It is hard to build links in a natural and non-manipulative way.

Are you working hard on your website and still not able to create quality backlinks?

Your SEO techniques are not helping your new website?

Then you are probably on the right track as we have given 17 link building ideas in our forthcoming sections which will help you in ranking high in Google searches.

We assure you that with the help of these genius ideas you will be able to get many strategies to create top-notch backlinks.

17 Best Link Building Ideas (Smart and Effective Ways for Ranking Website Higher in Google)

Quality content with high-quality bank link is what your target should be.

You don’t have to blindly follow the webmaster guidelines by Google or other SEO experts but trust the process and work for the backlinks.

Here are some surprising ways for link building we are sharing with you. Let’s see

1. Guest Blogs ( Beneficial in getting quality links)

You can use guest blogs in two ways. Writing a guest post or accepting guest blog from websites.

Either you can write a guest blog for another website by which you can make quality content for their audience and cover a relevant concept to their site.

By doing this you will get the links which will be linked back to your website.

The best part: Not only you are getting a quality link but you are also building new followers which will directly connect to your site.

Remember, your main motive of posting content is not for brand promotion or website popularity you are writing the guest blog to get the backlinks.

No one works with you without benefit so when you will give benefit to other bloggers they are surely going to help you with the process.

Guest posting is one of the best link building services that enables the fellow bloggers to write on your website and create a link for it. In this way, they are promoting their content and also being a helping hand to you.

It is possible that you may not get the links but you can build a healthy relationship with other websites owners and in future, they may share your link in their page…

Win-win situation!

2. Generate Microsite (Apply External Links for Your Website)

A microsite is a type of domain and subdomain which has many pages in the sites from other relevant websites.

Mainly, these sites are made for promotion of different brands, content and news websites etc.

You can find It is a very easiest formulae to build backlinks.

It is not recommended to use subdomains but to use a special domain to achieve your link building purpose.

General tip: When you are finished with the task, apply external links to your website.

3. Go for Expert Round-Up (Expertise that adds value to your content)

Expert roundup is a write up where more than one expert gives their personal opinions and information regarding certain topics.

Moreover, when a certain well-known person or expert name comes to your website you automatically get the credibility of audiences and they become your permanent visitor.

The two main advantage you will get on doing this is first you will get more followers and secondly you will get links….

You will end up with a silver spoon.

Here you also get the best content for your website which automatically drives the audience towards you?

Most of the people have this question: How to choose which expert theories you can take up in the expert right up?

Well, you can take the view from the social media sites of the concerned expert and see whether he or she is posting on a daily basis on their personal website.

This is considered one of the best technique for effective link building.

4. Ghost Guest Posting (Get Quality Links with the Help of Creative Content)

We are all well aware of the guest posting. It has given many guest post for many authoritative sites.

Ghost guest posting is a similar concept.

This is how it works: Ask a blogger to write content and give a link of your site into his or her blog.

If the blogger is busy you can simply provide the content and tell him to post in his site.

There are bloggers who are well aware of the SEO part so they will create high-quality content in exchange for stipulated money.

Note: No blogger will deny the content to get published on their site as it adds value to their content and also you are paying a good amount.

By doing this you are reaching to a wide range of audiences by getting quality links.

5. Render Graphics and Images to Existing Bloggers/Webmasters (Whatever You Feed, You Get Back)

The Internet is filled with images, graphics, infographics, and GIF.

We are living in an era where an image holds more value than the content. The reason being, most people don’t have that much time to look at the whole content piece.

There are so many authoritative sites owners who will provide you link in exchange of the original image which you are giving to them.

It is not always necessary that you will get the link. But if they do accept it is possible to get paid for the image or graphics you are giving to them.

If you have good verbal communication skills you can surely get a link or two.

6. Provide Reviews or Difference Between (Directly Connecting with a Linkcreator)

If you are a blogger and have expertise in writing content on different topics, you can have lots of links.

In case, you are reviewing a certain product or providing a difference between products the owner of the brand would contact you and add your content piece in his website.

This way you can create a link and also gets the advantage of the content being featured on an authentic website.

Many brands will contact you through this mechanism.


You are helping to create a huge fan base for their product.

7. Practice Skyscraper Technique (One of the Best Strategies to get Multiple Links from the Relevant Websites)

Every content has an importance that is because the keyword is being searched by the maximum people on Google.

When people search certain things on Google those keywords rank higher.

A skyscraper technique is all about finding an average content on the internet and then creating a good content post.

When you are done with making that blog post, recommend the site that your blog post is better than the existing one and give a backlink to you.

This technique has been used by top websites and can be considered as fruitful.

8. Appreciation is the Key for Getting Backlinks (Giving away Awards to Brands is an Indirect Way of Getting Links)

Who doesn’t like to be appreciated? Everyone likes appreciation and most of the people are eager to stay popular in the community.

Same is the case with websites and brands, they like to be famous and when they get the opportunity they will not miss it.

You can simply make web content where awards are given to the different brands.

For example; Organic Farming Innovation Award (OFIA) 2019, Home Decors Brand Award, etc.

When a certain brand is being praised on your website, they are going to share the particular content piece on their website. Chances are, they will also redirect their link for that particular blog post.

9. Add Link URL in Your Profiles (Use This in Every Social Media Site, If Allowed)

There are few social media sites which allow the users to add the URL of blogs or website. But, there are certain sites which allow this. You must take advantage.

Point to be noted: When big social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram names or links to your website it creates a lot of credibility to your website.

The simple thing you can do is add URL of your website in your profile so your friends or other audiences can directly see the content you have created. This will increase your website fan base if you have written a creative article.

Google takes these social media sites as a benchmark of authenticity and if your content pieces have their links there is a good chance that it ranks in top position.

10. Build a Healthy Relationship with Other Bloggers

It is very important that you know the bloggers and also acknowledge the type of content a certain website is creating.

You can give links to them, and in turn, they will give a link to you in the future. This way you can bond with the fellow bloggers.

In every step of ranking your website, you will need certain help from other competitors even if you are creating similar content.

Never assume that every blogger or webmaster will give you a link in exchange but there is a fair chance that you would get that in the future.

There are also times when two websites owners become friends in the process and mutually can help each other exchanging links.

Make sure that this goes in a natural way as Google can very well identify the manipulative way of creating links.

11. Press Release (Instant Sharing and Growing Name in the Community by Building Links)

There are many news websites or the specialized websites which publish your press release in the same way as you have given them.

They can charge you money. There are certain PR sites that do not charge you anything if your content is relevant to their niche.

Your content can be a useful source for many journalists and they even have the massive crowd on their website which will help your content to reach more people and that results in higher ranking.

12. Content Campaign (Similar to Awards but Gets You more Links)

There are many websites which attract the linkreators by giving prizes such as iPhone and other gadgets.

The content campaign can be very productive for you to get multiple links in a short period of time.

It basically attracts bloggers who are new to the business and want appreciation.

The prizes are a bonus to such bloggers whereas their main concern is gaining popularity.

13. Create Web 2.0 for Brands (Creating Value For your Website Helps in Generating Link)

There are many websites which allow you to share web 2.0 to their website when the content is useful and relevant to them.

Many brands also take such post only to increase their popularity.

You can simply see your advantage and give a backlink to your website.

These websites will not only give you multiple links but would help in creating a large crowd for your domain.

Unlimited offers: It will gain more audience, more rank, and more links.

14. Take Help from Family and Friends (The Obvious Way People Most Often Forget for Link Building)

You can always get dependent on your family when you are in need.

We all do that…..Right!

In case of creating links, you can always ask for help from your family members or friends who run websites or blogs.

When many people will give links to your websites, it will add advantage to your site and may get your website in the topmost rank.

Note: Do not overdo link building which can cause a negative impact to your website. Negative Ranking!

15. Give Comments on Blogs which are Relevant to You (Chances of getting Quality Links)

Many of the people consider it a waste of the time but it is a very useful manner when the link growth is concerned.

Make sure you are commenting on a particular post which is directly or indirectly connected to the same post for which you are sharing the link.

Most of the bloggers and webmasters follow this technique.


By adding an interesting comment and URL of their website.

If you comment on at least two blogs a day with a backlink to your website there is a scope that you get 60 links per month that becomes 720 for a complete year.

By commenting you are also inviting audiences who never knew your website before and this way you can become popular in the community.

Though this technique is not more prominent probably it is one that aids in creating valuable links.

Note: Again anything done in excess is harmful, so make sure you are not repeatedly building through comments.

16. Backlinks from .Edu Sites (It is the Safest Parameter to Create Credible Backlinks)

It is no secret that Google is fond of backlinks which are connected to educational institutions.

Such backlinks are more in use by webmasters as they are trusted by people. The other reason being, the sites of these institutions are considered authoritative websites.

You can give a scholarship to the students and in return, the school may publish an article about you and would happily give a link to you.

You can also write content relevant to the school or activities which are happening in the school.

You never know: There are chances school may take up the content and add a backlink to your site.

Always remember: Government and educational sites provide the best quality links to link creators.

17. Develop Guestographic Technique (A Sureshot Formulae for Unlimited Backlinks)

When most popular techie Brian Dean suggests you something, it is for sure the best link building technique.

There is nothing new in link building. But Guestographic concept is fresh and surely going to help you in link building process in the year 2019.

There was a time when people used to beg for the opportunity of sharing infographic in the high authority sites.

Not anymore…

Guestographic is a simple technique by which you do not have to visit any sites and publish the infographic on your own website.

Start by searching for some of the booming websites which are generating infographic in the post.

You can simply contact them and show relevant content as well as an infographic to the website owners.

If they find it useful for their web page they may add content and give you a backlink.

Make sure that you are not compromising on the content and the content is completely original.

Defeating the Hurdles of Creating Backlinks

We hope you don’t stick to the old tactics of making links all day long.

Instead of hard working on the link, you can use new techniques like Guestographic and Skyscraper Technique.

Link building is an art and so it depends on the individual how well he or she can create success from creating links from different sources.

You cannot assume the pattern on how Google works? There are certain sites which are ranking higher only on the basis of quality content. Shocking!

Link building is moreover a time consuming and difficult task but you always get high-grade results at the end of it.

There is no shortcut or a specific mantra to rank in Google. But we assure that by following our techniques you will reach a step near to success.

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