September 30, 2016

The Importance of Link-Worthy Content and Ways to Create It

importance of backlinks

The high seat of content in SEO has been reaffirmed time and again by Google quite unequivocally, and the same has been demonstrated through algorithm updates such as Penguin and Panda. These updates helped to create the right understanding about earning quality links that are directly related to quality content. It soon became clear that the disruptive link building practices that focused on the quantity and not the quality of links had to be given up. It is evident that quality content is needed to attract links that can increase the visibility and improve search rankings of a website. However, quality content alone is not enough to attract links unless it is rightly promoted. The type of content that is created is directly related to its linkable quality.

The need for content strategy

The type of content that you create determines how much others would like to link with it. There are different types of contents that serve different purposes. If the purpose of marketing is link building, content has to be created accordingly. There has to be a strategy for creating content that is capable of attracting links. In order to formulate a strategy for content creation, you have to find out the fundamentals of linking. Finding out the reasons why people want to link to content would give you the right direction in creating the content strategy that would facilitate promotion of content.

Site authority is also important

Google tries to ascertain the authority of sites by banking on signals that reflect its trustworthiness. Links are the most reliable signals because people link with sites that enjoy a fair amount of online authority. Therefore, it is not enough to create quality content unless the site on which it is published has adequate authority and reputation. Blending the two aspects can only ensure the success of content marketing. Also, the format of content also contributes to attracting others who are willing to link to it.

Why people want to link to content

Since you are presenting content with the intention of attracting others, you have to understand what would make the content attractive to them. If they find the content interesting, valuable and unique besides being reliable, then they surely would like to link to it. Here are some circumstances when content linking can happen.

  • If your website has considerable authority, which is a sign of its reliability, many other websites would like to link to your content for the purpose of citations.
  • Lucid representation of authentic content that is easy to understand shines in quality and attraction.
  • Besides being authoritative, content has to be developed on a specific topic that can be referenced by others.

Having understood the basic ways of making content attractive for earning links, it is now time to turn to promoting content by catering to the needs of the audience that you have targeted. That is when you ingrain the link attracting properties into the content to enhance its link-worthiness. This is an exercise that has to be part of content planning and should precede content creation. It determines the type of content that has to be created that can come under any one of the following categories.

Research-based content

When content is based on research data, it is so unique that it turns out to be the only source for referencing. Since research is backed by data, it is free from any kind of opinion. This makes it quite unbiased and authentic. It automatically qualifies for organic linking by others. The research should not be based on the objective of content promotion. Rather, the purpose of the research should be on a broader perspective that benefits the larger section of the industry and gives valuable insight that can be useful for others. The research should have its business objectives that have to be craftily utilised in the content strategy.

Collaborative content initiative

Link-worthy content can be developed through collaboration between one or many other like-minded entities. It is like selecting business partners that have shared interests, and target almost the same niche of audience. This gives you exposure to a larger audience whose pain areas have to be worked out together. Once the topic is decided, content is developed around it. While a larger audience increases the prospects of earning more links, the partners to the project would also contribute with links. Having access to a bigger pool of resources, there are better chances of creating superior content that would be difficult for doing all on your own. Since you have initiated the collaboration you have to publish it on your site. The future benefits of partners should be considered for which you have to reciprocate the goodwill gesture that they have shown to you now.

Insights from experts are built into content

When you ingrain quotes and opinions from experts in your content its value is greatly increased. The reputation of experts adds more authority and legitimacy to the content. The experts could be influencers whom you have to rope in for the project. They should agree to share personal and real life experiences that lend more credibility and value to content. The experts will agree to contribute only if they are convinced about your goals and greater benefits of the content. Finally, you also earn links from the audience that follows the expert.

Visual intensive content attracts more links

Infusion of more visual elements to content increases the chances of earning links as more people are attracted to it. As compared to textual content that seems quite dry and unattractive in looks unless one consumes it, the high appeal of visual images can be used effectively for link building. By using screenshots, charts and graphs you can lend more authenticity to the content. Adding photographs, GIFs and memes brings viewers much closer to the content. Visuals are easy to understand and learning is fast as even abstract content appears to be easy to comprehend.

Make the best use of the information to discover the true power of content in link building.

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