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Google Coati Algorithm – A Google Panda Successor

Wilson Tiong

If you are in the SEO business for a long time, I’m sure you have heard about Google’s Panda Algorithm since it has rocked the SEO world way back 2012. It has helped Google to weed out low quality websites and forced everyone to follow the rules.

Now fast forward to 2022, Google retires Panda and replaced it with Coati core ranking algorithm. Named after a South-African Mammal with similar black and white colors.

Hyung-Jin Kim, the VP of Google Search confirmed on the SMX Next keynote that this update was already working for quite a while now. It is very interesting because it seems nobody knew about it except Google.

So, What exactly is Coati Algorithm Doing?

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Short answer, the same as the Panda algorithm.

Google’s Panda Algorithm evolved to Coati but still working on the same mission, to remove the low quality websites from the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) like duplicate content , spinned or copied. In general, those website that doesn’t give value for searchers.

The idea is to bring low quality sites lower and reward the ones with in-depth, well-researched and useful content.

Whats the role of E-A-T here?

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E-A-T is always mentioned along with this news because on the same event, it has been confirmed that E-A-T (Expertise – Authority – Trust) now applies to every niche, every query, every SERP.

In short, following the E-A-T guidelines a must-have for all types of websites. Also, the more controversial YMYL (Your-Money-Your-Life) niche needs to have E-A-T with more details to rank. Therefore, different niches have different criteria and algorithms behind them.


Panda evolved into larger core ranking algorithm

The punch line “Not Newed” , which is so famous in the SEO world is also applicable here in Coati core ranking algorithm update. They said it is already running for quite a while now under-the-radar. Nonetheless, there is nothing we can do about the algorithm, what we can do in the SEO industry is to make sure we are always following the rules and out websites give value all the users in every topic.

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