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13 Amazing Things You Wouldn’t Have Guessed About “Google Business Profile” Services (Next-Gen Innovation)

Enter the World of Google Business Profile

Before few years it was hard to find out places near your house but now with internet connectivity, you can know the address of a shopping mall, Atm, beauty parlors, and anything which is probably possible for a human mind to think.

Booking a ticket or knowing the prices of gold was never such easy before Google entered our life.Google My Business

Precisely, the search engine Google has made our life smooth as melting of butter.

From years Google has been a helping hand and now with Google App and Google Business Profile app it has become a reliable friend to us.

You might have seen ads on your television about the new services of Google which derive that it has become the fundamentals of all human needs.

The local businesses are getting popular as their business has been displayed in Google searches.

Are you starting a new business and worried about the promotion?

Website promotion tactics and television Ads are increasing your financial burden?

Do not worry! We have a better solution – Google Business Profile services.

In the forthcoming section, we will provide you all the required information about Google Business Profile services.

We would ensure that at the end of the write-up, you would become a pro in promoting your business through Google business app.

It is Shocking! Many of the businesses still do not have Google Business Profile app which is totally free.

Do you know? Now you can promote your product or can inquire thousands of people for an event with the help of Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profile is a combined initiative which includes Google+, Google map, and Google search.

Let’s start with 13 Amazing Things You Wouldn’t Have Guessed About “Google Business Profile”

There is something really amazing coming on the way.

Stay tuned!

If you think very few people know about your store as it is on the corner, Google Business Profile is all that you need right now!

1. What Really is Google Business Profile? (Beginning from the Basics)

Google My Business

Google Business Profile is a service which helps the people to know fellow beings around their surroundings.

When we talk about the business, it is a tool which is helpful in searching for a business or service which the individual is looking in the nearby area.

For example, when you are searching for a clothing boutique in your city, this app will present a list of all the boutiques including the name, address and phone number of the owner.

Now you may have a question…… Business searches are also possible on the Google search then why a new app?

Well, yes but Google search does not include all the information about the local business and also does not have a separate profile of the business.

It is a website which shows you the updated information about any kind of legal local businesses.

Not only the customers but it is also helpful for the owner for the publicity of the business.

2. Posting Field Description (Easy Way for Customers to Know More About the Business)

The Google post is shown on the business page and the option to post is shown below the “basic business information” fields.

A field is a place where the business owner gives information about their business and mention things which add value to the business.

It is around 1000 characters which is to be filled by keeping the audience views into the mind.

These questions are basic when you put the field in your Google Business Profile account.

How customers search for certain things?

What do they like about your business?

How will you introduce your new business to the customers?

Note: Most of the people use mobile phones to search for anything so do make sure the information is precise and to the point.

The recommended length is also around 150 to 300 words so choose words wisely.

This might be useful for you: Google lets you see the number of times your certain post is viewed by the customer.

Make a unique description so that your customer would like to open your business profile and receive service from you.

3. Determine the Category as Per Your Business (To Connect Better with the Customer)

It is necessary to add the category of your business so that your business can have a unique identity in a particular business arena.

For example, if you have a business of salon you can choose the category of the barber or the hair stylist.

An important aspect of the category: It is found by an expert analyst that most of the people who have put a specific category have been on the top of the search list.

GMB categories

4. Provide Basic Information for Fantastic Growth of your Business (Address, Phone Number, Website, Timings, etc.)

information of Project in GMB

You will be benefitted by the Google Business Profile account only if you will provide basic information about the business.

Note: The information you are providing here, must be accurate.

Timings: In this section, you have to mention the stipulated time and days during which your business is open. For example, If you have a coffee shop, it will be open for the whole week including the weekends. In that case, you have to set up your timings as per the working days of your business.

Phone number: As we are living in a generation of smartphones we have opted a habit of doing the day-to-day task by using mobile phones.

By providing your mobile phone you are giving a chance to the customer for contacting you in a very prompt way.

Your customer can ask their queries by just making a quick call.

That’s too convenient…

Isn’t it?

Website: The best thing about Google Business Profile is that it provides you an option where you can create a website of your own if you do not have one.

You can also add your existing website so the customer can directly visit it.

Address: The most important thing for the local business is that it needs to provide the address so that the customers can directly come there if they want to avail any service.

For example, If the customer is searching for an SEO company near the office, they will easily get it. That is if SEO companies near the customer’s office have registered their business with Google and provided an accurate address for the same.

Services: You can also provide the information about the services your business is offering to the customer so that they can avail a particular service which they need at that particular time.

Delivery Area: In certain businesses, there is a need for providing the product at the doorstep of the customer. In such cases, you have to mention the areas where you can deliver a certain product.

This feature is very useful for the customer who likes ordering the food rather than going to the place.

5. How you can Use Google Post To Build a Cordial Relationship with the Customer? (By Offering Daily Updates to Your Customers)

There are four main sections which you can post in your account.

  1. Events;
  2. Offers;
  3. Product updates;
  4. Huge announcement to be made by the business.

You can add events which are organised by you and find a specific audience who would like to participate in the events.

To attract your customers you can simply add offers related to your business.

For example, you can add 50 percent off on a branded jean. Happy Customers!

If you are associated with a huge brand you can do various announcement such as the opening of a new store or launching a new product endorsed by a celebrity. You can do anything in order to make the audience show interest in your business.

You can add amazing photos which are of high quality so that your customer can know your brand and become familiar when they visit your store or restaurant for the first time.


6. Sharing Photos (Adds Value To Your Brand/ Business)

It is preferable to add 5 to 10 photos on the Google Business Profile profile. When you are expanding the business or renovating the place you can post new photos through Google post.

According to Google,

Businesses with photos see 35% more clicks to their website and 42% higher requests for driving directions in Google Maps.

You also can share photos about 720 pixels wide and tall whenever you feel like adding one.

This will create a great impact on the mind of the customers and tempt them to visit your place.

You can add the logo of the company and cover photos highlighting the detailed glimpse of your place.

Sharing Photos

7. Be More Creative By Adding Videos (Maximum Use of Creativity is What Makes You Different than others)

7. Be More Creative By Adding Videos (Maximum Use of Creativity is What Makes You Different than others)

It is not necessary to add videos in your Google Business Profile account but when you will add videos, you are entertaining people in a way and that is important in a world of publicity.

As per the recommended standards of Google Business Profile account:

  • The videos must be of 30 seconds or shorter than that.
  • The resolution must be 720p like photos and size must be 100 MB.

If you have a bakery business, you can create an attractive video by showcasing different types of amazing cakes.

Also, when you have a clothing line, you can make a video of designer wear and upload into your profile.

8. Customer Reviews are Online Asset for You (Know the Best way to Reply Your Customer)

Google Business Profile provides the facility to the customer to give reviews about the certain services they have used earlier.

Customers are free to post the reviews both negative and positive as per their experience with certain product or services.

It is an advantage for the owners as they too can reply to the reviews of the customer and can build a great relationship.

If you find that a customer has posted a complaint about your product, you can simply apologise and assure them that this will not happen again. This way you can build trust with the customer and he will again avail your product in the future.

If you are getting positive reviews, welcome to the world of victory.

Experience it on your own! It is human psychology. When one sees positive being said about something (Product or service) by a group of people they will blindly follow it.


9. Insights (A Gateway to Your Customer’s Mind)

Insights help you see the behaviour or engagement of the customer with your brand.

You can know the following things when you update the “Insight” feature in your Google Business Profile Account

  • People viewing the business information of your business.
  • The number of times people have searched for your brand in Google or have searched for your address.
  • The number of people like to come to your place or avail the services from you?
  • The way customers find your listing.
  • If you have the app they can also rate it.

Insights will be useful when your business is new and want to make desirable changes for improvement of your profile.

10. Glorify your Business with Online Ads (Only Pay Money When the Customer Visits Website or Calls You)

10. Glorify your Business with Online Ads (Only Pay Money When the Customer Visits Website or Calls You)

There is one option Adwords Express by which you will be able to create an Ad and promote your service by reaching maximum people.

You can target local searches when you have the premium with online ads. This way whenever people nearby your area will search for something, your brand will appear at the top.

You will surely get the benefit from what you are paying for the ads.

Easiest way: Write a description, set your budget and your ad is ready to publish in minutes.

11. Now You can Chat Live with Your Customers (Also Can Get Messages from Dedicated Customers, Update this year)

GMB Chat

It was not possible several years ago but now it is easily possible to get instant messages from the customer on your mobile phone.

You can simply get the messages from wherever you are and get the suggestions of your customer.

There will be many spam messages so be careful and avoid it.

It is one of the simplest ways to know your customer and get feedback from them.

12. Q & A session For Local Business

With this new feature, the business owners will be able to answer all the questions asked by the customers.

The new feature is beneficial to know the problems of the customer regarding your product or the service. You can simply make changes which are possible for your company to make.

It is amazing: With the help of push notifications, you can receive all the questions at a time and so you can quickly reply to your valuable customer.

Like other social media sites, you can now react to the questions and answer. The thumbs up to a question or answer indicate that you like it.

You can also click on “thumbs up” if you have received valuable feedback on your product.

The thumbs up will also increase the trust of the customer and they will think that you are showing responsibility towards your work.

People always check these forums before taking any service from the company.


13. Small Thanks (Google Initiative To Connect You with Your Customers)

Small thanks take existing google reviews and highlight the best reviews in the Google Business Profile account.

They make the poster images in which positive reviews of the brand or services are mentioned.

The posters are sent to the customer’s email ID and also gets featured on the website.

The good news: These posters are free and you can make many more as per your interest.

You can share these posters in other social media accounts to increase your business and promote it to a whole new audience.

These posters play a very important part in local search results as people believe in such promotional campaign. It also has a great impact on the SEO of your business account.

You can provide a small thanks note card to the customers with the URL where they can share their experience about the company and its services.


A Bonus Addition: Some Significant Google Updates you need to Revise right now!

Google has revised many things which are important for you to know.

There are many changes on a timely basis which helps the customer as well as the owner of the business.

Google Updates are as follows:

  • Business owners can now access their account from their Google maps and also from the desktop.
  • Now, there is no need for downloading Google Business Profile App you can see the reviews without using your mobile phones.
Significant Google Updates (2019)
  • The hotels which have Google Business Profile account can now show their check-ins and check-outs which was not possible before. Through this update, customers would be able to see whether the rooms are vacant or not. Fast inquiry!
  • The customers can now feel free and message the owners simply with this updated feature “Message this Business
  • Google updated a form to verify fake information regarding Google maps.
  • By announcing the google post updates this year, considerable changes are done in the app so it becomes convenient for the customers to know and avail the service easily.
  • Questions and answers are also one of the updated peculiarities of Google this year.

Google Business Profile is Considered as a powerful Tool for Local Business


A local business has very limited capital and cannot afford a huge website for promotion.

Moreover, with the help of Google features, it can create its identity on the top of Google searches.

More than one person can manage the accounts so it would be convenient for multiple owners to handle Google Business Profile account.

Fast online chats and accurate ratings can solve most of the queries of the customers.

On the whole, Google Business Profile is the smartest way to handle your account with Google security.

Anyone can make this account the only requirement is identity proof and Gmail Id.

In a Nutshell….

We hope you have all the required information about “Google Business Profile” including the updates.

Through powerful tools of Google post, you can take your business one step higher.


For that, you will need a Google Business Profile account so just download it right now and enter the world of smart business.

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