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Effective Content Marketing Strategy (Attracting Organic Traffic to your Website)


Keywords are important for generating traffic for a website, but only if they are represented in an organic manner.

Simply putting keywords in the content will not drive positive results.

Every businessman wants to develop a website that ranks higher on reputed search engines like Google.

They even hire professional content writers to come with highly creative ideas which help their website to rank better.

But, if you concentrate more on the keywords than the ultimate objective of writing the web-pages gets lost. The same thing applies to blogs and articles.

Several of our clients have changed their content marketing strategy after affiliating with us which helped them gain more organic website traffic and an increase in the number of leads.

Before starting their business relationship with us they were giving more prominence to keywords than the subject matter at hand. The result? They were under-achieving their lead targets.

The hard truth: Long gone are the days when keywords were given high prominence by Google in search results page.

Back to the present keywords are significant, but what drives traffic is quality content that is driven by organically placed keywords.

In the below-mentioned sections, we have highlighted the different tactics that we have used for several of our clients which helped them to gain traction on their website by increasing the visibility and leads.


The greatest advantage for you: Now you can lots of money out of the content marketing strategy developed by us.

You might want to know the secret.

It is quite simple.

We will like to help you create amazing content marketing strategies for your business by using the different things mentioned in this write-up which will not take much time to read.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us get started.

Disclosing the Amazing Secret to Attract More Website Visitors through Content Marketing

The moment of truth…

Google wants you to answer questions of web-users instead of putting in multiple keywords, to increase the ranking of the website.

Small businesses are slowly but gradually realising the importance of the killing combo of keywords, content and tracking.

The key is the content as people read the terms and phrases contained in it which ultimately reflects on your business as a whole.

Today it is extremely important for businesses to change their thinking when it comes to content marketing.

Content marketing strategy starts with recognising the need for organic content.

The end result…

If you are able to answer this basic question in your write-up chances are irrespective of the keywords placed it will rank better.

In the upcoming sections, you will be able to learn more about the different types of queries raised by online visitors on various search engines and the different ways to skyrocket your future business leads through effective content marketing strategies. Let us dive into the details.


The Scope of Organic Reach of Your Content on Different Search Engines

You would like to get an answer to this interesting question: Whether your content is reaching to all kinds of customers?

Were you aware of this fact?

There are different search engines used by different audiences, according to the urgency of their needs and the type of pain points they have.

Online visitors post different types of queries that they might have on various search engines.

Let us dive into them.

Types of Queries found on Different Search Engines

Transaction queries raised to obtain solutions to the problems

These types of queries try to find out and obtain solutions to the problems by providing actions. For example; aeroplane ticket booking services, purchasing a home appliance or a furniture etc.

Informational queries raised to get useful information pertaining to a particular brand or service

They are used when people want to obtain information about something, whether it is finalising a mobile phone brand, discovering the best restaurants in Sydney or finding the pros and cons of a situation.

Navigational queries raised to obtain information about directions to a particular place

These queries are used when people want to know directions to a place. This can be a quick GPS search to find the website for their favourite restaurant, famous brand etc.

Organic High-Quality Content is the Key to Successfully Drive Traffic on your Website

Ultimately the secret of attracting more visitors to your website is by creating high-quality content by using keywords in the right manner.

What’s the bottom line here?

To answer all the queries raised by the individuals by defining their key wants, needs and pain points and combining the unique set of keywords in an organic manner.

The next time you plan to write content for a specific target audience study their buyer personas and give them exactly what they want. The key to a successful content marketing strategy lies in keeping your eyes wide open so that you can take advantage of any information pertaining to your target audience in the write-ups.


Skyrocket your Future Business Leads by Analysing your Past Content Marketing Campaigns

Learn from your past content marketing campaign and start avoiding the use of attractive “unwanted” keywords. With the help of the right numbers, you will be able to determine the right mix of keywords that can be used in your content pieces organically.

Always remember quality is more important than quantity.

What’s the learning here?

Target a few quality keywords in the content that are more relevant to your buyers and their buying habits.

You can start the analysis by tracking:

The URLs will give you relevant information about the source from where the traffic is coming to your website

You need to understand where is the traffic on your website coming from.

Are there a certain section of the target audience who are able to find out about your website through social media platforms?

Learn about your most conversion points to know which type of content is performing well in terms of lead conversion

This metric helps you to find out the most common conversion points where the contact person is performing. This can be a blog post, a specific keyword, an email or offer.

The biggest benefits of this exercise is: With the help of right analytics, you can put in the right efforts in the content marketing strategy and convert them into leads for your business.

Are you targeting organic traffic as a part of your content marketing strategy?


Every businessman knows that content marketing campaign starts with research of competitive keywords.

But, the keyword is just a part of the entire process.

The secret recipe is how the keywords are placed in the organic content.

It is time to bring back the long-forgotten art of delivering more than what is asked by the target audience.

Are you ready to implement the things mentioned in this write-up for practising effective content marketing?

Try the first step today.