what is an anchor text

What Is An Anchor Text

There are a lot of rumours and speculations revolving around the latest Penguin 4.0 update of Google. It is a notable fact that there is no room for manipulated anchor texts with this latest update, but the confusion of SEO fraternity now is about an effective anchor text density to be considered. There is a […]

On Page SEO factors in 2017

On Page SEO Techniques 2017

Table of Contents1 The URL2 Title tag3 Meta description4 Ideal keyword density On-page SEO is the first thing to consider if you want to make a website perform well on the search engines. When I say website, it is the end to end site components starting from a unique URL to metadata, keyword density, content, […]

marketing automation softwares

Best Marketing Automation Tools in 2017

Automation tools that can make the most positive impact on business For small and medium size businesses it has become almost mandatory to have systems automated for supporting sales and marketing functions. In order to increase efficiency, the use of automated systems will help in streamlining activities that lead to more focused approach for fulfilling […]

Reading the mind of the audience is essential for making more impact with content

Best Content Writing Tips For Beginners

Table of Contents1 The advent of neuromarketing2 Use images to your advantage3 Play on the emotions of audiences4 Present colourful content to exploit emotions5 Take advantage of being good to others6 Provide solutions that audience expects7 Create artificial scarcity Judging what your audience wants and catering to their needs are the fundamental requirements in marketing […]

Tips for Last Minute SEO Optimisation for the Holiday Season

Table of Contents1 Holidays and business2 Preparing for holiday SEO strategy3 Focus on short term gains4 Optimise titles and descriptions5 Being found on Google My Business6 Focus on lower rung keywords7 Riding piggy back8 Optimise content With the holiday season round the corner, just about five weeks remaining; it is high time to give the […]

SEO Relevance vs Authority

SEO is always a puzzle to the professionals who are diligently practising it. Attaining higher search engine ranking is a fight and win situation, which requires a strategic approach and a long-term committed effort. If you are aiming at gaining high rankings in Google search, the first thing to have is a good insight into […]

5 Things To Find In Common Between Search Engine Optimisation And Physical Fitness

Size zero is everyone’s dream and people do many things to achieve a perfect shape. Everyone knows that it is not an overnight task. Similar to achieving an attractive body shape, getting a top ranking for your website in the search engines is also not an easy task. At a first glance, you may not […]

Keyword Research as the Key to Success in Search Engine Optimisation

How To Do Keyword Research For Beginners

Table of Contents1 Gaining domain dominance2 To help enhance your content3 Understanding the user language4 Find out the questions5 Exploring new ideas6 Long-tail, less competitive opportunities7 Understanding customer needs Many people think that keyword research is an outdated practice as the new Google algorithms (starting from Hummingbird 2013) have shifted the focus to ‘entities’ from […]

7 Top Myths about SEO Debunked – Get Ready for SEO 2017

7 Top Myths about SEO Debunked – Get Ready for SEO 2017

Even if you are into it for long or new to search engine optimisation, it doesn’t make much difference as SEO is a constantly changing platform for which you need to update yourself everyday. However, one bad thing noted about the seasoned vets is that most of them still keep many faulty assumptions about SEO […]

What Does Penguin 4.0 Update Mean to the SEO Practitioners?

What Does Penguin 4.0 Update Mean to the SEO Practitioners?

Ending plenty of rumours and speculations about it, Google has finally rolled out its latest search engine algorithm update named Penguin 4.0, which is expected to make a few welcome changes on how the ranking mechanism works in order to produce more accurate and relevant results. Penguin is there for quite sometime now as a […]

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