What Is On Page SEO?

What Is On Page SEO?

What Is On Page SEO? On Page SEO refers to the techniques that are used to develop and enhance the structure, content and functionality of a website in order to rank higher in search engine results. On Page SEO also increases “relevant” website traffic from search results. True to its name, On Page SEO refers…

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What Is An Anchor Text

anchor text

There are a lot of rumours and speculations revolving around the latest Penguin 4.0 update of Google. It is a notable fact that there is no room for manipulated anchor texts with this latest update, but the confusion of SEO fraternity now is about an effective anchor text density to be considered. There is a…

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On Page SEO Techniques

On Page SEO

On-page SEO is the first thing to consider if you want to make a website perform well on the search engines. When I say website, it is the end to end site components starting from a unique URL to metadata, keyword density, content, and images everything. Above all, on page SEO is not only for…

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Best Marketing Automation Tools in 2017

marketing tools

Automation tools that can make the most positive impact on business For small and medium size businesses it has become almost mandatory to have systems automated for supporting sales and marketing functions. In order to increase efficiency, the use of automated systems will help in streamlining activities that lead to more focused approach for fulfilling…

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SEO Relevance vs Authority

high authority and relevancy

SEO is always a puzzle to the professionals who are diligently practising it. Attaining higher search engine ranking is a fight and win situation, which requires a strategic approach and a long-term committed effort. If you are aiming at gaining high rankings in Google search, the first thing to have is a good insight into…

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How To Do Keyword Research For Beginners

lsi keyword research

Many people think that keyword research is an outdated practice as the new Google algorithms (starting from Hummingbird 2013) have shifted the focus to ‘entities’ from keywords. However, the expert opinion is that keywords still do have as much importance at they had before and plays vital in search engine optimisation efforts. This shift from…

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Ninja Outreach – Using Social Skills For Link Building

ninja outreach

How much you trust when I say link building happens mostly at the inbox? The new-age strategist may have the capability to ignite the spark, but the magic is really there in the subject and signature lines of your outreached emails. All the other phases of link building are vital for sure, but most of…

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Top Effective Ways to Avoid Google Panda Penalty

google panda

Back in 2011, Google launched its Google Panda changes to its search result ranking algorithm with a stated aim to penalizing low-quality sites by moving them to lower rankings, and at the same time, promoting high-quality sites and bringing them back the front pages of search results. To many website owners, this has been such…

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How To Avoid From Google Penguin Penalty

penguin penalty

Google continues to tighten their grip against those businesses trying to gain online ranking in ways they consider inappropriate. Google updates their algorithm on a regular basis, with the Penguin being the latest release after Google Panda. We therefore need to be aware and cautious of the Google requirements when working out our SEO rankings….

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