May 26, 2016

Best Ways to Enhance Your Link Building Skills

link building skills

Anyone associated with SEO knows about the importance of link building. Ranking of websites by search engines is greatly dependent on the quality of links that it can attract. Thus, link building exercises have acquired enormous importance due to the way search engines look at it. Links help search engines to determine the quality of web page that directly influences its ranking in search results. Secondly, search engines are able to discover new web pages by crawling the links. The web pages that are crawled can then qualify for indexing by the search engines, which forms the basis of earning good ranks in search results. This has been true since the nineties when Google started calling the shots.

Professional link builders can help

It is therefore, imperative that websites that want to sustain in the long run and retain their upward inertia in search rankings have no other way but to adapt a long term link building campaign. Link building exercise is special in nature as it has to adhere to the guidelines of search engines, especially Google that sets the rule of the game. Knowing Google’s dislike for poor quality links, it does not make sense to crowd websites with links of no relevance. Instead, it is necessary to hire the services of professional link builders who can enhance the website’s appeal to search engines. But one thing has to be kept in mind – if link building is not done properly, it can do more harm than any good for websites.  Poor quality links can spoil SEO prospects.

The best ways of doing it

Every link builder might claim to know the best ways of doing the job. To some extent, it might be right to make such claims but there is no written down procedures for the best ways to do it. There are a lot of variables that have to be considered for working out the best methods of link building and each of these can be unique in its own way. One thing that has to be kept in mind is that link builders must know much more than links. They have to be aware of the broader perspective of link building by taking into consideration various factors that affect their link building skills and drive them towards picking up the right links. Here are some extraneous skills that link builders should acquire to become successful in their trade.

Crisp and clear communication

When approaching a website for link building favours, link builders have to be effective communicators in both verbal and written communications.  People are running short of time in the professional world and seldom have the time and opportunity to go through lengthy emails or engage in verbose discussions. It is therefore, important to acquire the ability to drive home a point by spending as few words as possible yet highlighting the important points with necessary emphasis. This would enable the other party to maintain their interest in listening or reading the communication and give link builders enough scope to win over them.

Choose a website judiciously

In order to identify websites that are suitable for placement of links, link builders have to know how to evaluate a website in totality.  Usually, the search for websites might land you to some web page which you might find interesting and worthy of link placement. But judging a website by a single page ranking can be misleading. It is necessary to evaluate the website in totality by browsing through all other pages to ascertain the quality of overall content and figure out how relevant the website would be for linking.

Find out errors in crawling and redirecting

Besides evaluating the quality of the website that is chosen for linking, link builders have to be competent enough to detect other technical errors that might afflict the website. This pertains to crawling errors and also errors in redirecting. When link builders think about linking their own websites with some other sites, it is particularly important to protect the interest of the link builder so that they do not fall prey to broken link builders. This helps to prevent losing links to builders with broken links.

Stay tuned with updates

Link building exercise is a continuous process and is dependent on the rules set by search engines. Google’s algorithm changes have to be aligned with the strategy of link building. Link builders have to be thoroughly conversant with the updates and be aware of all major updates and corresponding date of occurrence. There are several online tools available for the purpose. Having easy access to the history of algorithm updates enable link builders to innovate and experiment with new link building strategies as they can identify low quality pages much more easily.

Balance a link profile

Link building is more about a qualitative measure of the links rather than its quantity. In continuation to this philosophy, link builders need to have the ability to balance the links that are chosen. There cannot be an ideal bouquet of links that contain only superlative links. Neither can there be a set of links that are not as strong as one would like it to be. The best package of links should constitute a pragmatic mix of links that can overall perform excellently to enhance the website. It has to be kept in mind that most links have value and mixing them in the right proportion can help to gain considerable mileage for websites. The good, bad and ugly have to be manipulated craftily in the most logical way so that the overall performance outscores the low points of some links that are chosen.

Link builders have to shed their tunnel vision and look around the horizon to learn many other things that indirectly contribute to effective link building. These may not all be technical in nature, but can impact the link building exercise considerably. Taking a holistic approach is perhaps the best way to devise the most effective link building strategy that can go a long way to enhance the authority and relevance of websites.

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