December 13, 2016

Best Marketing Automation Tools in 2017

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Automation tools that can make the most positive impact on business

For small and medium size businesses it has become almost mandatory to have systems automated for supporting sales and marketing functions. In order to increase efficiency, the use of automated systems will help in streamlining activities that lead to more focused approach for fulfilling business objectives.  All aspects of marketing, from lead generation to segmentation,  from customer life cycle marketing to customer retention and from lead nurturing to lead scoring  that finally leads to the stage of measuring the return on investment in marketing can now be accomplished with the help of software  that is designed for it.

The benefits of automation are many. Revenues can go up, efficiency of operations are increased, sales cycles are shortened and more time can be found to engage in more creative work. Despite the high cost of automation, its indispensability as business tool cannot be ignored. Some of the tools that are available have been discussed in this article.


This software has been developed with the small business in mind and it maps the business processes for automation. This is an online platform that provides solution for marketing and sales and can be considered as customer relationship management system (CRM). Lead generation tools are one of the important features of the system that also includes market automation, social media interface and email that can be utilised for lead conversion. Sales streamlining and closure can be done efficiently by using the CRM that aids in attracting leads. Online sales are facilitated by e commerce tools.


Meant for small and medium size business, this is a platform for business automation and marketing that can be construed to be all-in-one.  You can do the following with the help of this platform.

  • Keep your business analytics updated.
  • Display all the vital statistics of business on a single screen. The metrics that are captured for display can be customized by using an interface.
  • Tasks can be managed automatically.
  • Customer interaction and behaviour can be tracked.
  • Use the facility of setting triggers for initiating actions.



This marketing platform has been designed with the objective of attracting customers, converting them and finally delighting them.  The approach is to encourage the buying behaviour of customers by creating a marketing plan that suits them perfectly instead of trying to adapt a marketing method that may not be liked by customers. Marketing goals are customer centric and the system builds workflows to achieve the goals.


This marketing automation software covers the aspects of lead management, consumer marketing, e mail marketing, mobile marketing and customer based marketing.  This is a model of engagement marketing that is so essential in digital marketing today.

Act on

The marketing capabilities are completely automated on this cloud based platform that is intended to acquire customers effectively, besides expanding relationships and building loyalty. It allows creation and management of social media campaign, email marketing campaign, communications management, and incorporates the features of SEO campaign too.

It’s time to make best use of the opportunities of getting your business processes automated for better gains.

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