November 26, 2016

Best Content Writing Tips For Beginners

content writing tips

Judging what your audience wants and catering to their needs are the fundamental requirements in marketing and content marketing is no exception. Marketers have to gauge what is playing in the minds of the audience and have to position the SEO campaign accordingly. This would propel the marketing efforts in the right direction and give the desired results. Although understanding audience behaviour is not as easy as it has been said marketers have been practising it for long, knowingly or unknowingly. However, lack of structured approach in studying the minds of the audience was the reason why results were not forthcoming.

It became clear that marketers have to work more diligently to gain better psychological insights about the audience. Since human behaviour is mostly predictable, focusing on how the human minds work and responds in different situations is the key to elicit the right response in marketing efforts.  It would make possible to understand the audience’s mind correctly and present appropriate content that would be liked by them and lead to better conversions.

The advent of neuromarketing

Studying and analysing the minds of the audience from a psychological perspective lead to the development of a new marketing technique known as neuromarketing.  The response of the human brain to advertising and messages related to brand marketing is analysed in this study.  In this method, the activity of the brain is scientifically analysed to determine the conditions that influence the process of decision making for making purchases.  The results are used to make marketing more efficient that can trigger more clicks and improved conversions. How it can be done methodically has been discussed in this article.

Use images to your advantage

Content is not only about texts but also images. The primary task of content is to communicate with the audience and keep them engaged. This is achieved by using texts and images craftily so that communication flows uninhibited.  While texts have its limitations in communicating, images are endlessly powerful.  Familiarity of language is necessary to understand textual content that often hinders communication with people who are not familiar with the language.

On the contrary, facial expressions of images are more powerful in conveying messages and feelings in the way babies understand what is being communicated to them.  Human brain is capable of processing facial expressions to extract the inner meaning and underlying emotions. This leads to better trust building. Use facial images that can have deep impact in communicating most effectively with the audience.

Play on the emotions of audiences

Emotions play a critical role in decision making. Marketers have to harp upon the emotions of audiences that drive them towards taking a favourable purchasing decision. Connecting with the audience emotionally would give better opportunity to influence them with significantly impacting content that.  With the goal of evoking the right emotions from the audience, you have to study the psychology that governs human emotions. This would help to appeal to the specific emotions of the audience. By analysing how different emotions generate varied responses, you will be able to identify the most responsive emotions that are to be addressed.  Create content using the right mix of text and images that evoke joy, awe, laughter and amusement which are emotions that have been found to trigger the maximum responses.

Present colourful content to exploit emotions

Content being a mix of text and images, colours play a very important role in generating response from the audience. Colours have the power to make the audience respond in a particular way. Knowing about the colour preferences of your audience would help to spread suitable colours on the content to generate favourable response.  Every colour has defined set of emotions attached to it that triggers response accordingly.

  • Green stands for freshness and environment
  • Blue represents peace, tranquillity, security and integrity,
  • Pink is for love and romance as well as beauty and sensitivity,
  • Purple is for luxury and spirituality
  • Yellow conveys cheerfulness and energy as well as caution.

The colour selection will be guided by the feeling or emotion that you want to kindle among your audience and have to be spread throughout the content.

Take advantage of being good to others

Spread goodness among your audience by offering them some freebies. This is a subtle way to exploit the psychology of the audience that makes them feel indebted to you on account of receiving freebies without asking for it. When you offer something free like free trial, free online course or free ebook, a sense of gratitude develops among the audience. This makes them feel that they have to pay you back in some ways for showering them with favours that they never asked for. It is not the extent of favour but the act itself, no matter how small it is that generates emotions that tell the audience to reciprocate and pay back. By demonstrating your kindness, you are able to extract your share of good returns by way of better conversions.

Provide solutions that audience expects

Identify the pain areas of the audience and address it with conviction.  It is an innate human tendency to stay away from problems and if you are able to provide a solution to any problem that they face, the audience will love to lap it up. If you are able to drive away some problems that the audience faces you are sure to have a deep positive impact on the conversions. You would appear like a trusted source for pain relief that is most welcome.

Create artificial scarcity

It has been established that there is a tendency to buy items that are deemed scarce. As a marketer, you can leverage this trait of the audience to enhance conversions. There are several studies that support the claim that people rush to buy items that are displayed for a limited period. Make a small window for selling specific items for limited period that would give the audience a feeling of scarcity and drive them towards it.

These are only some of the established ways of giving more teeth to content marketing  and make it more powerful and effective.

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