January 31, 2016

5 Winning Traits for You to Sharpen Your SEO Skills

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If you are an SEO professional or someone looking to step into it, you should know that even though the knowledge of HTML and search engine architecture is useful, what makes a winner SEO are some intangible qualities of a professional.

The SEO industry if filled with smart professionals and most of them are doing such types of works for many years now. So, your goal is to become the smartest among them by gaining the much needed insight and expertise to be successful. Along with refining your skills in terms of technical SEO, you also need to develop some personal traits and practices over time to be a winner.

Your goal is to avoid any potential trap on this slippery platform and gain the most out of your resources to become a smart marketer. This doesn’t require any expensive tools or intricate strategies. In fact, there are a few simple and easily adaptable changes you can bring to improve your strategy and execution. Further, we will explore a few traits of winning SEO experts.

This is made as a simple ‘Do This’ and ‘Not That’ type of chitchat for easy understanding – Be patient, go through it with an open brain. Becoming the smartest SEO is just a few steps away!

5 winner tips


Do This            : Make a comprehensive plan by incorporating inputs of all stakeholders.

Not That          : Wasting time simply on endless meetings.

Before you start with any SEO project, try to identify and arrange all your assets and incorporate all options in hand. Making a comprehensive plan should be your first move and gain approval for it from all the stakeholders. If you don’t spell out the items which you will not be working at the first point itself, these can ultimately become the target of constant questioning to take away your entire time.

With a solid plan in place and making it known to all, you can reduce the need for frequent meetings in future. With a tracker and timeline in place, the stakeholders also will be able to understand what is going on and can make decisions quickly. The curse of any project is unnecessary wastage of time, which you can eliminate by planning accordingly.


Do This            : Always think big

Not That          : Take up a lot more than you can handle

For those who enjoy it, SEO is very exciting affair. This excitement returns a gigantic list of possible things to execute. These lists are good for brainstorming sessions, but most of the times may go far beyond what you and your team can achieve. If you are trying to accomplish on-page SEO, viral marketing, social media promotions, cross-link optimization, and every other thing at once, this may lead to chaos. A focused approach will take you farther than haphazard efforts on too many areas.

Along with thinking big, also take care to avoid constant shifting of the scope of your SEO efforts. You have to review and revise your strategy from time to time if necessary, but if you incorporate newer scope everyday, you may end up half way in a winning effort and drop it for ‘catching the new’.


Do This            : Break down the project to workable sections

Not That          : Never lose track of winning opportunities

Most of the times, as an SEO, you may need to handle multiple campaigns at a time. So, you need to accomplish these tasks in a piecemeal fashion while dealing with larger projects. Many of them make a mistake by finding it more comfortable to look at a single subfolder due to time constraints. However, this may limit your probability of grabbing some big-win opportunities, which may exist outside the subfolders you access. It ultimately makes you a failure by pouring in money and time into non-ROI efforts.

Also, by being unaware about all the opportunities that exist across a bunch of websites, you may end up in spending more time than actually needed. An expert SEO must always consider the benefits their websites may receive as a part of a broader online ecosystem.


Do This                        : Be Mindful about the SEO tasks to be accomplished in a sequence

Not That                      : Missing out efficiency on activities, which need to run parallely

Plan all SEO activities needed to be done in the right sequence. This is vital when you work on big projects and if there are multiple teams. Improper coordination is one such mishap, which creates much of the overhead in SEO. Establishing proper communication channel and simple sequential working model is the key.

Even while going on a sequential mode, many of the tasks can actually be done parallel. This is done by maintaining a proper communication channel and by bringing various parties working on related tasks into the same frame. It can help reduce any chance of duplication of efforts and time lags. You can also save a lot in terms of time and money as the QA and deployment efforts for similar tasks need not be repeated.


Do This                        : Automate if feasible

Not That                      : Get caught up with excessive manual data collection and reporting

Automation is the key to improve efficiency and reduce time and cost. Automation may have some up-front cost, but offers long-term return on investment. Automation can be executed in such a way that you set up bookmarks to all the timely analytic reports to avoid repeating the same manually every time. With this, you can reinvest your time to more creative efforts. There are several tools and software for data gathering, processing, and indexing. You have to extract every repeated task and put in a one-time effort to effectively automate them.

Wasting a lot of money, effort, and time on manual data gathering is foolishness. Reports of course make people feel good. However, the fact is that these type of “feel good” reports are least acted upon. Every hour you spend to create a report is another lost hour on your efforts to bring the desired output.

These are just a few insights to help you get more doors open. Efficient SEO never demands you to be overtly complicated or intricate, but smarter decisions and precise moves bring in most wanted results. ‘Take smarter and smaller steps to go farther” is the mantra for your SEO success.

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