October 27, 2016

5 Things To Find In Common Between Search Engine Optimisation And Physical Fitness

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Size zero is everyone’s dream and people do many things to achieve a perfect shape. Everyone knows that it is not an overnight task. Similar to achieving an attractive body shape, getting a top ranking for your website in the search engines is also not an easy task.

At a first glance, you may not find anything in common between SEO and fitness as mentioned in the heading, but if you take a closer look at the principles and situations ruling both, one would surely find a lot of things in common.

At the baseline, the client demand

Both SEO professionals as well as physical fitness trainers, may face one question in common about ‘guaranteed results.’ However, the most unfortunate scenario for these service providers when it comes to answering this query is about explaining why there is no assurance when it comes to guaranteed results. Disappointing, but true!

However, both these functions always have ‘too good to be true’ sort of offers from all corners all the time. However, this is simply a trap to lure the clients and on a long run, spoiling the goodwill. So, when it comes to SEO or fitness, one first thing service takers should do is to have a realistic understanding and conduct a proper research.

Next, let us have a closer look at other major common aspects between SEO and fitness.

  1. No guarantee

There are no guarantees as far as the results are concerned. This is the first thing starters should know about SEO or fitness training. The role of an SEO consultant or a fitness trainer is limited to just being directive in planning and a proper execution of the plan. The first move to initiate exercise or taking measures to enhance a website has to be taken by the client itself.

In both SEO and fitness, it is all about devising the right strategy and sticking dedicatedly to a long-term plan. Infrequent optimisation efforts may just have the potential of a single physical training session only, which can take you nowhere. Make a note of the below rules;

  • There is no shortcut which can work for long and show up considerable results.
  • There is no wonder pill to convert a couch potato to a fit athlete
  • No link-building automation software can take your poorly built website to show up on top of organic search results.
  • Fitness or SEO, hard work only brings in results.
  1. Nutrition vis-à-vis link building

Proper nutrition is one of the basic building blocks of fitness. Even the best planned fitness regimen will not end up in desired results if the person undergoing is supplemented with inadequate nutrition.

In the same way, on-page optimisation is not enough to enhance the visibility of a web page, and all the work you have done in this regard will go in vain if it is not adequately supplemented with effective link building efforts.

Quality links are the life vein of any website to succeed. Similar to poor nutritional intake, the effect of insufficient link building can also adversely affect the performance of a site.

  1. Proper motivation

What motivates you at best to stick to your intensive workout regime is the admiration of other people. Getting a positive comment on your trimmed body can surely bring you closer to the efforts in order to maintain you body the same way.

In terms of SEO, the efforts one put in for optimisation may nor may not be converted into the most desired results ultimately. Optimisation of a site for the prospective users and developing a high-ROI online business will not always guarantee success in the highly competitive online space, but it can surely help counter the short-term setbacks and be motivated.

  1. Situational factors

Neither fitness nor SEO follows any standard rules for the game, but the outcome largely depends on many of the ground facts. In fitness, it is the body type and built which determine how much one can get to. There may be a few people who feature a typical mesomorphic built that requires no effort to tone, but for many others, it will be an intense effort.

Similarly, only a few online sites may have a catchy product or service to offer, which can go popular instantly based on the consumer needs. In fact, most of the average people, businesses, and websites don’t have such things which can take them naturally on to top.

It may be a frustrating experience most of the times to struggle through website optimisation and fitness training competitively as situational factors keep on changing. There is every possibility that new requirements arise or someone else does better even if you have put in your best effort for the top position. Keep on aiming at the next point is important when it comes to achieving long-term success.

  1. Tracking progress

Let it be fitness training or SEO, measuring progress from time to time is very vital. Without any proper stats and metrics to show directives, success will always stand a block apart. For physical training, you may need a good pair of running shoes and a pedometer whereas in SEO, data from Google search console may be handy.

Going to higher levels, more intensive tracking of the progress may be required. It will be advisable to have a heart rate monitor and calorie indicator for an athlete whereas tools like may be the need for site owners or SEO professionals to keep a track.

Above all, as with the physical training for an athlete, it is also so important for SEO specialists to take measures to avoid any health risks with the most intensive measures. It is vital to keep on the right track and at the right pace. Going out of track and overdoing things may end up in irreversible troubles.

The golden rule

There is one golden rule for the fitness freaks and SEO professionals to keep in mind as the more you make the activities aimed to achieve your goals a habit, better you stand a chance to access success and exceed your own initial expectations overtime.

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