August 18, 2015

10 Time Tested SEO Best Practices

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In today’s digital world, search engine optimisation, better known as SEO, has rightfully made its mark as an efficient marketing channel. Although SEO has been around for over a decade now, its fundamentals have changed drastically over the past few years. The tactics that used to get sites on the top ranks of Google search results at one point fail to bring desirable outcomes today. With the changing dynamics of this ever evolving industry, it is important for marketers to keep themselves updated. Let’s take a look at some of the key points and strategies that are going to rule as SEO steps into a new era:

Local SEO is gaining momentum:

Google Places has always been a useful tool for local businesses. But now more than ever, Google Places listing can bring huge boon to these local businesses even if they do not have a website. There is a good chance that when a user searches for a specific service or product, Google Places listings will also show up, getting the particular local businesses to the user’s attention. If you want to market your business through local listings, make sure you focus on Google Places. You can great results through citations, reviews and Google places page optimisation.

Social media marketing cannot be ignored:

Back in the days when Facebook wasn’t so popular, and Google+ and Twitter hadn’t arrived in the scene, marketers could care less about social media marketing. But times have changed, and you can no longer keep search and social separated. Factors like Facebook likes, Twitter shares, and social bookmarking has a great influence on search rankings. Since search results are being personalised for each user, you need to put greater emphasis in making social media marketing a priority.

Optimising keywords for users not robots:

Users turn to Google with questions – whether it is about the best restaurant in town or about the best insurance. A good marketer should be able to anticipate those questions. The keywords and the content of the website should be able to answer the questions the users may have. No matter how tedious keyword research may seem as a task, it is most definitely one of the important aspects of a SEO campaign.

Good writers and great content are treasures:

Google is way smarter than some give it credit for. If you thought Google won’t spot the spam and paid links, you couldn’t be more wrong! If you want to create an effective SEO strategy that will work for a long time, make sure you focus on the content part. Great website content and high quality content links from other sites will reflect highly on your website, and it will surely reap desirable benefits.

Visual based SEO is becoming a thing:

Along with well written content, high quality images, graphics and videos have also become attractive features on a website. Websites filled with rich text and fine visual elements will get priority in SERP. A little of visual stimulation also helps attract and impress users.

Keep an eye on your backend:

Launched in 2011 by Google, Yahoo and Bing, is an initiative that lays out a set of standards that will tell the search engines what a website is all about. This way, it becomes easier for the search engines to read the website’s data before indexing it. By using informative snippets, you are able to tell the search engines what information needs to be featured in SERPs. Informative snippets also increase the click-through rate since users get to see what’s inside the website even before clicking on it.

Online security is taken more seriously:

For ecommerce businesses and websites that deal with online payments, maintaining online security has become a huge priority. If your customers share sensitive information on your website to make transactions, you need to make sure the website is safeguarded with proper security measures so that there is no risk for data theft. For example, going https from http will be good for your site this year.

Mobile friendly SEO will make a difference:

Since a large population of the users are using mobile devices to surf the net and even to shop online, mobile friendly SEO is thought to be another important aspect that will affect a site’s rankings. If you want your website to fare well even in the searches made with mobile devices, make sure to focus on mobile friendly SEO.

Data is the key:

Whether you are working alone on SEO for your company or with a team of professionals, all that would matter in the end are the results. It is true that keyword ranking reports are indicative of progress. However, getting accurate readings from personalised searches can be a difficult task. Also, now that Google has defaulted personalised search for users who are logged into their Google accounts, it has become more difficult to track down how the users arrived at your website.

ROI is the testament of progress:

The primary focus of modern day SEO is to impact a company’s overall marketing efforts in a way that would increase ROI. A website with the top ranking on Google search results will not mean a thing if it fails to generate conversions and sales. Marketers need to start thinking beyond keywords and link building, and focus more on how the content engages with the audience and eventually convinces them to make the purchase.

SEO has embarked on a new journey altogether, and it is going to be an exciting ride for marketers who are keen on taking their efforts to the next level. Stay tuned to learn more on how you can sharpen your skills to rise above your competitions!